I released today logstash-gelf 1.11.1. This release fixes a bunch of bugs and brings minor enhancements.

This release contains following changes:


  • Allow configuration of log message parameter inclusion #87
  • Allow selective stack trace extraction with filtering on Java-default representation #99 (Thanks to @mrmanc)
  • Introduce PoolHolder for ThreadLocal-pooled objects #104 (Thanks to @artemy-osipov)
  • Consider 2xx HTTP status codes as success #114 (Thanks to @madmuffin1)


  • Missing type info in the stacktrace #97 (Thanks to @mrmanc)
  • Close channel in GelfTCPSender.connect() #107 (Thanks to @chainkite)
  • Guard GelfTCPSSLSender.closeSocketChannel against uninitialized SSLEngine #111 (Thanks to @badreddine16)


  • Upgrade to Mockito 2.3 #100
  • Remove fest-assert usage #100
  • Migrate tests to AssertJ #100
  • Migrate tests to JUnit 5 #101
  • Drop Java 7 build profile #102
  • Upgrade Mockito to 2.7.17 #113

Thanks to all who contributed.


Maven coordinates:


Any feedback is appreciated or create issues on GitHub.