This release is intended to be the last beta release of lettuce. As soon as Redis 3.0 goes final, I'll release the final of lettuce 3.0.

This release contains:

  • Documentation (Javadoc and Wiki)
  • Improved test stability for a stable and reproducible build
  • Changed redis ports from 63xx to 64xx for testing
  • Fixed clientKill because of changed clientList output
  • Adjusted resource cleanup to prevent memory leaks
  • Prevent refCnt exceptions in case of parallel close & read
  • Fixed PubSub API
  • Fixed command leaking when client is not yet online/disconnected and commands are issued while the client is in the re-connect phase
  • Code cleanup, fixing sonar violations
  • Support for SENTINEL MASTERS command
  • Support for DEBUG SEGFAULT command
  • Support for PUBSUB command
  • Support for sorted set commands ZLEXCOUNT, ZRANGEBYLEX, ZREMRANGEBYLEX
  • Minor fixes like typos, maven site on

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Any feedback is appreciated or create issues on GitHub.