• Fixed Connections.closem, Exception was thrown even if right connection object was supplied (036d1ea)
  • Support for qualified clients in case there are unqualified instances (5b49c84)
  • Fixed NPE on sync cluster connections (bbba783)
  • Changed channel handling to aviod NPE (707b231)
  • Fixed CDI/Spring support and added tests for CDI/Spring (b5832f9)


  • Add support and parser for ROLE command #6
  • Add support for CLUSTER SLOTS command #7
  • Add support for COMMAND command #8
  • Add support for COMMAND COUNT #9
  • Add support for COMMAND INFO #11
  • Add support for extended CLIENT KILL #12
  • Relaxed data models for external use, moved ClusterPartitionParser and models to own package (534ed59)
  • Added shutdown with timeout, used minimal timeout for shutdown (1ac42af)
  • Minor API improvements (connect with URI), tons of docs and argument checks (063e20a)
  • Use AssertJ for assertions #13
  • Additional cluster tests (new suite) #5
  • Updated documentation
  • Add tests for untested code #4
  • Switched coverage provider to jacoco (ab0821d, bc14a79)
  • Switched from gihub site plugin to maven-scm-publish plugin (54d0c36)

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