lettuce 3.0.Beta 3 is out now. The new redis commands provide in addition to the basic support also data structures and parsers. This is to support common implementation tasks and to ease adoption.

The Beta 3t is a surprise, because I wanted to release the final after Beta 2. Meanwhile, redis added lots of features and in fact, lettuce was not ready for a final yet. I'll state more about the details in a further, final announcement post. For now enjoy the Beta 3.


  • Fixed Connections.closem, Exception was thrown even if right connection object was supplied (036d1ea)
  • Support for qualified clients in case there are unqualified instances (5b49c84)
  • Fixed NPE on sync cluster connections (bbba783)
  • Changed channel handling to aviod NPE (707b231)
  • Fixed CDI/Spring support and added tests for CDI/Spring (b5832f9)


  • Add support and parser for ROLE command #6
  • Add support for CLUSTER SLOTS command #7
  • Add support for COMMAND command #8
  • Add support for COMMAND COUNT #9
  • Add support for COMMAND INFO #11
  • Add support for extended CLIENT KILL #12
  • Relaxed data models for external use, moved ClusterPartitionParser and models to own package (534ed59)
  • Added shutdown with timeout, used minimal timeout for shutdown (1ac42af)
  • Minor API improvements (connect with URI), tons of docs and argument checks (063e20a)
  • Use AssertJ for assertions #13
  • Additional cluster tests (new suite) #5
  • Updated documentation
  • Add tests for untested code #4
  • Switched coverage provider to jacoco (ab0821d, bc14a79)
  • Switched from gihub site plugin to maven-scm-publish plugin (54d0c36)

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Any feedback is appreciated or create issues on GitHub.