I released today two betas of lettuce: 3.3.Beta1 and 4.0.Beta1. What is the difference between those versions? Both use netty and a very similar core to serve as Redis driver. The 4.0 branch introduces a Reactive API, stateful connections, improved API and command execution on multiple cluster nodes. 4.0 also introduces a set of breaking changes. The 3.x branch is supported for at least a year, new Redis commands will be supported in both branches. 4.0 is the next generation of lettuce.

You can find the details of both releases on Github, here's the short version:

lettuce 3.3.Beta1


  • Provide access to cluster connection using the advanced cluster API #71
  • Cluster connection failover when cluster topology changes #97
  • NodeId-bound cluster connections enhancement #104
  • Implement at-least-once for cluster connections #105
  • Pipelining for lettuce (or: flush after n commands) #92
  • Decouple ConnectionWatchdog reconnect from timer thread #100
  • Improve performance in 3.3 #90
  • Add checks for arguments #69
  • Use dedicated string codecs on String connections and add ByteArrayCodec #70
  • Tests for command reliability docs #98
  • Expose RedisClient.connect(RedisCodec, RedisURI) and RedisClient.connectAsync(RedisCodec, RedisURI) #108
  • Add close stale connections and strict cluster member check flags to ClusterClientOptions #109


  • Adopt variadic EXISTS and DEBUG HTSTATS #103
  • Support geo commands in lettuce 3.3 #86
  • Support NX|XX|CH|INCR options in ZADD #74
  • Add support for COUNTKEYSINSLOT #107


  • Synchronization/cross thread visibility of variables #94
  • Check channel state before calling Channel.close.syncUninterruptibly #113


  • Rework of the wiki


Maven coordinates:


lettuce 4.0.Beta1


  • Advanced Cluster API (async) #78
  • Improve HLL command interface #77
  • Move segregated API interfaces to own packages #76
  • Provide a stateful Redis connection and decouple sync/async API from connection resources #75
  • Reactive support #68
  • Pipelining for certain cluster commands #66
  • Drop support for Java 6 and Java 7 #50
  • Migrate RedisFuture to CompletionStage #48


Maven coordinates:


Any feedback is appreciated or create issues on GitHub.