The Lettuce driver project graduates after three years now to a top-level project.


It has been three years now since I took over the Lettuce driver project whereas I wanted initially just fix a bug – so to say scratch my own itch I had in an other project. I published Lettuce under biz.paluch.redis:lettuce in June 2014 for the first time, and so I became the maintainer of Lettuce. The original driver was used to be quite popular until its maintenance stopped in 2013 and adoption of my fork began slowly.

Today, lettuce is heading towards the fifth major release with Reactive Streams support based on Project Reactor, dynamic command interfaces to integrate with Redis Modules and has a broad user base. Therefore, Lettuce gets its own domain, Twitter handle @LettuceDriver, and Github organization Beginning with Lettuce 5, the GroupId/ArtifactID and package names are relocated to io.lettuce:lettuce-core, respective io.lettuce.core. Lettuce distributions will come with a reference guide that originates in the Lettuce Wiki, and it received a beautiful logo to define Lettuce’s personality so you can continue to build elastic data access with Redis.

If it happens that you meet me at a conference such as JavaLand, ask me for Lettuce stickers.

As a Developer, What do I need to know?

Two things change for you:

  1. Use a different GroupId and ArtifactId for versions beginning as of 5.0:




  1. Replace com.lambdaworks.redis with io.lettuce.core in your imports and logging config files.
  2. There’s no 3., that’s it!

With 5.0, the version numbering scheme changes slightly. Snapshots are published as 5.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT, milestones as 5.0.0.M1/5.0.0.RC1 and releases as 5.0.0.RELEASE.

All links to are rewritten to so don’t worry if you have links set to the documentation available from, these links will redirect to the corresponding location on the new site.