I'm progressing on my RaspiBoy project. So I'm getting in touch with a couple of yellowish Gameboy cases and game cartridges.

Older game console cases, such as Gameboy, Nintendo NES, Commodore 64 and so on, start yellowing. The more sun they get the more yellow they become. There is finally a solution (beside sand paper and overpaint) to de-yellowize them. It's called Retr0bright.

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Logstash, Elastic Search and Kibana gave us power back over our logs. Now it’s time to expand our potential and use well known components to get even more out of the ELK stack.

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When CDI and Inifispan meet you've got the chance to improve your code a lot. Let's combine both to make all of your CDI beans @Cacheable.

Caching of values usually goes this way:

public String getSomething(String input) {
    String result = cache.contains(input);
	if(result == null) {
        result = getValueFromDatabase(input);
        cache.put(input, result);
    return result;    

This pattern repeats for every value which is cached/retrieved. Methods like the one above contain repetitive conditionals and value retrievals. Using the caching interceptor pattern eliminates the need for repetition. Business methods will be reduced back to their essence and caching becomes an aspect.

public String getSomething(@CacheKey String input) {
    return getValueFromDatabase(input);
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I've released today logstash-gelf 1.5.1. This is a bugfix release for JBoss AS7/Wildfly users who use the NDC/MDC.

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When releasing lettuce 3.0-Beta3 I was sure this will be the last beta of lettuce 3.0. In the mean time lots of stuff came up: New redis features around clustering, new commands and data structures. On the dev side there was low test coverage and instabilities during the build. This were the reasons to release an third beta. The original plan was to head for final as soon as redis 3.0 is going to be releases.

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I've released today logstash-gelf 1.5.0. This is a major release. logstash-gelf 1.5.0 is the first GELF library which supports the final release of log4j 2.0. This release carries some library updates and internal refactorings to provide also a standalone usage of Gelf message submission.

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lettuce 3.0.Beta 3 is out now. The new redis commands provide in addition to the basic support also data structures and parsers. This is to support common implementation tasks and to ease adoption.

The Beta 3t is a surprise, because I wanted to release the final after Beta 2. Meanwhile, redis added lots of features and in fact, lettuce was not ready for a final yet. I'll state more about the details in a further, final announcement post. For now enjoy the Beta 3.

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Automated deployments are the state of the art. Incorporating with a deployment pipeline you get the maximum available for now. But what happens in your deployment? Do you know the progress when it’s running? I want to tell you, how I’ve used Capistrano, Bootstrap and MongoDB to visualize the deployment progress with the deployment dashboard.

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Test-driven development is a life-assurance for several software projects.

I’ve started about 10 years ago with test-driven development. Since then I fell into the mantra writing test code then production code run the test and start over. Sometimes even model and interface first then test code then production code and so on. This way less bugs had a chance to remain within production code. But unit testing is not everything. The next level is integration testing, which help to discover even more bugs. As soon as components play together, they start to behave slightly different than assumed in unit tests. Sometimes integration-tests are the only way to test a software (in a sensible way).

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This release is intended to be the last beta release of lettuce. As soon as Redis 3.0 goes final, I'll release the final of lettuce 3.0.

This release contains:

  • Documentation (Javadoc and Wiki)
  • Improved test stability for a stable and reproducible build
  • Changed redis ports from 63xx to 64xx for testing
  • Fixed clientKill because of changed clientList output
  • Adjusted resource cleanup to prevent memory leaks
  • Prevent refCnt exceptions in case of parallel close & read
  • Fixed PubSub API
  • Fixed command leaking when client is not yet online/disconnected and commands are issued while the client is in the re-connect phase
  • Code cleanup, fixing sonar violations
  • Support for SENTINEL MASTERS command
  • Support for DEBUG SEGFAULT command
  • Support for PUBSUB command
  • Support for sorted set commands ZLEXCOUNT, ZRANGEBYLEX, ZREMRANGEBYLEX
  • Minor fixes like typos, maven site on http://redis.paluch.biz

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Any feedback is appreciated or create issues on GitHub.