This release is intended to be the last beta release of lettuce. As soon as Redis 3.0 goes final, I'll release the final of lettuce 3.0.

This release contains:

  • Documentation (Javadoc and Wiki)
  • Improved test stability for a stable and reproducible build
  • Changed redis ports from 63xx to 64xx for testing
  • Fixed clientKill because of changed clientList output
  • Adjusted resource cleanup to prevent memory leaks
  • Prevent refCnt exceptions in case of parallel close & read
  • Fixed PubSub API
  • Fixed command leaking when client is not yet online/disconnected and commands are issued while the client is in the re-connect phase
  • Code cleanup, fixing sonar violations
  • Support for SENTINEL MASTERS command
  • Support for DEBUG SEGFAULT command
  • Support for PUBSUB command
  • Support for sorted set commands ZLEXCOUNT, ZRANGEBYLEX, ZREMRANGEBYLEX
  • Minor fixes like typos, maven site on

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Maven coordinates:


Any feedback is appreciated or create issues on GitHub.

You might as yourself: Why is there another java redis client? Until now, there are tons available.


Let me tell you about my motivation.

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Every then and when, a Java Enterprise project starts. JEE is great. Java Enterprise projects enforce in many cases the usage of the InitialContext and sometimes CDI with using the BeanManager interface. Both are hard to enable within tests.

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I've released today logstash-gelf 1.4.1, I'll be available until this evening on Maven Central.

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Ever wondered, how to integrate logstash and Tomcat 7 the easy way? Here we go!

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Logstash is one of the hottest tools when it comes to log management. There are lots of integration possibilities in standalone or web applications. But what if you want to capture the whole log output of your JBoss server? Take a look at the snippets.

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I've released today logstash-gelf 1.4.2, I'll be available until this evening on Maven Central.

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visualizr - Show your data Once in a while I get in touch with lots of time based data, such as monitoring or profiling values.

Calls per minute, actions per time unit and so on. Having such data is a great value but having it visualized gives a different impression instead looking at numbers. I’ve created visualizr. It’s a small Single-Page-Application with a Java-based backend. Visualizr provides support for multiple data sources (a data source can contain multiple charts), auto-reloading and a great user experience.

Give it a try, you can find the code at or as a maven artifact (SNAPSHOT-version until now)


Sonatype OSS Snapshot Repository:

It happens currently all the time. I’m always coming back to projects I worked on. Over and over I’m meeting old coworkers and colleagues. Same faces, sometimes a bit older than I left them. This raises mixed feelings. It’s sort of coming home, thus it is different.